Schneider Electric

Innovation Talk Webinar: Sustainable innovation for Grids of the Future

On-demand event: innovative SF6-free MV & beyond

In this on-demand event, we ask the following questions:

  • What are grid operators up against in the context of energy transition?
  • How can EcoStruxure™ Power & Grid help them overcome present and future challenges?
  • How can green innovations enable decarbonization and future-proof grid operations?
  • How other utilities are using pure air SF6-free MV technology and what does it bring for them?
Learn about innovations, such as SF6-free MV AIS and GIS, powered by air and digital, that support grid operators in the transition to greener medium voltage networks by:
  • cutting a potent greenhouse gas SF6
  • featuring powerful switching technology for DER
  • using digital technologies
Enjoy this exclusive on-demand event!

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