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Just Why is the Food & Beverage Industry Turning to Edge Computing?

Next-generation food & beverage companies are leveraging Industry 4.0 technologies to gain efficiencies and build trusted, competitive brands. Their secret sauce to long-term success: bridging progress with business resilience and sustainability.

Industrial digitization brings new levels of visibility and traceability across the supply chain, as well as improved production. It’s about efficient operations, data-based business decisions, and showing tangible results for sustainability performance and cost savings.

To capture these benefits, food & beverage companies cannot rely on cloud computing alone. IDC predicts that by 2024, 70% of G2000 organizations will have invested in a common IoT platform layer that provides access to data collected through various point solutions. This data must be securely captured, processed, stored, and analyzed — with no latency or data gaps. Thus, edge computing is required to enable the speed and resiliency demanded by IIoT applications such as analytics, asset management, optimization, planning, and scheduling.

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  • Mike Jamieson, CPG Segment President, Schneider Electric
  • Martin Lutz, CEO, ProLeit Corp.
  • Greg Hookings, Head of Business Development for EMEA, Stratus Technologies
  • Jean-Baptiste Plagne, VP Product Management for Edge Computing Solutions, Schneider Electric