Schneider Electric

Innovation Talk Webinar: Supply Chain of the Future - Technology and People Together

This hour-long virtual program consists of a Career Panel featuring Schneider Electric employees with critical roles in the supply chain field.

Facilitated by Annette Clayton, North America CEO & President, the speakers will discuss their careers in fields like data analysis, manufacturing supervision, procurement, skilled trades and engineering with a focus on their contributions that are required to plan, manufacture, and distribute electrical products that power data centers, hospitals, buildings, schools and homes across the U.S. With a supply chain operation consisting of about 200 manufacturing plants and about 100 distribution centers in more than 40 countries, Schneider Electric ranks No. 4 in Gartner's Top List of Supply Chains globally.

Special guests representing our manufacturing campus in El Paso, Texas will provide a view on the impact of manufacturing to the local community.

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Date: October 1, 2021

Time: 2:00pm ET


  • Annette Clayton, CEO & President, North America - Schneider Electric
  • Adna Karic, US Services Supply Chain and Procurement Manager - Schneider Electric
  • Ryan Inglis, NAM GSC Data Analytics Leader - Schneider Electric
  • Dorian Vazquez, Maintenance Technician - Schneider Electric
  • Carlee Sprecher, Industrial Performance Leader - Schneider Electric