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Innovation Talk: Industries of the Future

On-Demand Session - Episode 1: Sustainability at the Source, Getting it Right from the Start!

Switching to 100% renewable energy is not enough, to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5C in support of the Paris Climate Accord. We need to do more. Our panelists have been chosen based on their leadership position and expertise in their respective market sub segment.

Discover the increasing importance of sustainably sourced materials throughout your entire supply chain. With growing pressures over climate change and natural resources, it is critical that manufacturing and consumption patterns evolve across industry sectors and become more sustainable. Leading global companies are decarbonizing their entire supply chains as they search for the most sustainable suppliers.

In this panel discussion we will dive deeper into:

  1. The need for need sustainable mining, metals and cement today and for our future
  2. Understanding that sustainability starts at the source and substitutes are not an option
  3. Best practice sharing
  4. Leveraging IoT technology such as Industrial Automation, Microgrids, and Digital Twins