Optimizing Buildings using Analytics and Engineering Expertise

By harnessing building data properly, facility owners and operators can better realize the full return on their BMS investment as they save energy, reduce operating and maintenance costs, and improve building comfort. But in order to realize these returns and leverage the full power of their BMS, building operators need significant training, in-depth understanding of their facilities, and often additional tools to aggregate and make sense of the growing volume of data in a timely manner.

Over the past decade, several types of tools have come onto the market to fill this need, from dashboards to automated analytics to machine learning optimization engines. Each of these tools fulfills a different objective to help facility managers in their day-to-day operations and long-term planning. However, much like the sophisticated BMS platforms available today, each tool requires training and time to learn how to use it, along with an investment in IT infrastructure and support, to achieve its full benefits.