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Webinar: Maintain your Operation for Peak Performance for Distributed IT

Today’s IT ecosystem has become the lifeblood of business. Customers need be able to monitor and manage those solutions in a strategic way. They need be able to easily understand and take action on break fixes understanding who to designate from there staff to solve a problem.

The challenge with distributed IT revolves around understanding what is the best way to remotely manage and monitor critical systems. Its success hinges on understanding what is the information they need to know and what information is just noise. In this web seminar, Data Center Knowledge contributor and industry expert Bill Kleyman and Greg Johnson from Schneider Electric discuss how to effectively manage remote IT infrastructures, ways to maintain peak performance, and how to enable management for digital services.

Specifically, we’ll cover:
  • Tips and tricks to keep your remote IT platform running optimally
  • Do’s and don’ts when it comes to distributed IT deployment and maintenance
  • Leveraging data to make better decisions around remote IT requirements
  • How to leverage data center and partner services to ensure the best possible distributed computing architecture.
  • Key data center trends, capabilities, and functions
Watch this one hour on-demand webinar to learn more.