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Webinar: How to Simplify and Accelerate your Infrastructure Rollout

Today, organizations across all verticals and sizes are looking for better ways to control and distribute their data. This is where we see new types of edge data centers come in to play.

Companies are working hard to create better architectures around data distribution and content delivery. However, not every customer requires a full data center for their deployments. What if you simply require a pre-integrated rack solution with everything one needs - and done through a standardized process? More important, how do you manage it?

How do you design around a network that’s focused on the edge? Most of all, how do you accelerate the deployment of your most remote IT infrastructure? For these situations, customers need to work with a partner that is project managed and that has specific pre-integrated solutions. From there, customers can have their systems rolled off the truck, plugged in, and ready to go.

In this web seminar, Data Center Knowledge contributor and industry expert Bill Kleyman and James Kummer from Schneider Electric will discuss what successful organizations are doing when deploying remote IT architectures, the partnerships they’re creating, and how they can work with partners to simplify pre-integrated data center deployments.

In this session will cover:
  • Distributed data center trends and industry markers
  • Understanding deployment requirements
  • How to simplify infrastructure roll outs and deployments for distributed requirements
  • Project management is key to a successful edge strategy
  • Designing around pre-integrated solutions stacks