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Webinar: Designing the Right Solution to Optimize your Distributed Business

With more data center distribution and greater demand for IT consumerization, organizations are finding themselves requiring more hardware, resources, and more from their data center providers.

All of these trends are fueling the push for more efficient data center utilization and, more specifically, data center consolidation. Given this trend, organizations must work with the right type of partner to help them stay agile and resilient.

Here’s the challenge: Organizations today have a lot of distributed IT across the country – and across many sites. Furthermore, they are often unsure or unaware of what the technology is in each site.

To be able to manage it, they would need to go through and truly understand what they have within those distributed sites. Then come the questions round upgrading and standards.

In situations like this, it’s important for organizations to know that not all data centers are created equally. Furthermore, not every data center can help manage your remote IT requirements.

In this webinar, join Data Center Knowledge contributor and industry expert Bill Kleyman and Schneider Electric’s Joe Reele as they examine how to create a data center ecosystem management for the digital-ready business and how to regain control of your remote IT.

This session will cover:
  • Current data center and market trends
  • Understanding data center capabilities – and how they align with your business
  • Infrastructure design and standards best practices: Redundancy, Standardization, Security
  • Managing remote IT – Best practices and recommendations
  • Considerations when designing the right solution for your data center and business needs
Watch our On-Demand webinar to learn about designing the right solution to optimize your distributed business.