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Upgrade your Edge IT Infrastructure...on us!

Buy and connect new Connected Smart-UPS™  with APC™ SmartConnect for a chance to win $10,000 of IT equipment to bring data center-like resiliency to your distributed environments!

If a channel partner resells and helps connect the winning Connected Smart-UPS, that channel partner will also receive $1,000 credit from APC by Schneider Electric.

Here’s how to enter:  

Step 1: Buy Connected Smart-UPS with APC SmartConnect

Step 2:  Register the Smart-UPS unit at

Contest runs January 1, 2018 through June 30, 2018.

*The winner will procure $10,000 worth of IT equipment through an APC approved partner/distributor. Schneider Electric promotional terms and conditions apply. Available upon request. All entries must be verified in order to be eligible for the $10,000 IT equipment grand prize. SmartConnect Product(s) include SMT750C, SMT750RM2UC, SMT1000C, SMC1000C, SMT1000RM2UC, SMC1000-2UC, SMT1500C, SMC1500C,SMT1500RM2UC, SMC1500-2UC, SMT2200RM2UC, SMT2200C, SMT3000RM2UC, SMT3000C.

2018 is a critical year for Edge Computing. Get ahead now with APC by Schneider Electric. 

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Upgrade your Edge IT Infrastructure...on us!