Upgrade aging electrical equipment now to avoid downtime later.

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As switchgear reaches the end of its life, it becomes increasingly unreliable and demands more frequent maintenance. And when circuit breakers become obsolete and are no longer supported, it is even more difficult to keep switchgear running at top performance — putting the entire electrical system at risk.

Develop a cost-effective strategy:
     • Modernize the existing equipment by retrofitting switchgear with the latest circuit breakers
     • Keep switchgear footprint intact
     • Save time and money versus full switchgear replacement.

Gain the advantage of working with an industry leader.

We carry over 150 low- and medium-voltage circuit breaker designs across all brands including:
     • ABB
     • Eaton
     • Federal Pacific
     • GE
     • Siemens
     • Square D™ from Schneider Electric

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