If your circuit breaker is obsolete, upgrade it now to enhance switchgear performance.

Your electrical power system is at risk!

Obsolete circuit breakers increase your facility’s risk for unexpected power outages. Service support may be limited and spare parts hard to find. However, replacing the switchgear line-up can be costly and require lengthy downtime.

Discover an easier solution! Upgrade your obsolete breakers and leave the existing switchgear structure intact. Our direct replacement and retrofill solutions upgrade your system to current technology, saving time and money.

We carry over 150 circuit breaker designs available across all brands, including ABB, Eaton, Federal Pacific, GE, Siemens, and Square D from Schneider Electric. Plus, you can find circuit breakers for both low and medium voltage switchgear. So no matter what type of switchgear needs upgrading, we have a solution for you.

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Good news! Our tools make it easy to discover the right modernization solution for your obsolete breaker.