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Innovation Talk: Maximizing Equipment Uptime and Performance

Why maintain electrical distribution equipment? Having a plan is critical now more than ever.

Navigate the impact of today’s challenges and learn more about how a tailored maintenance plan and spare parts strategy can maximize uptime and performance for a critical part of your business.

Take full advantage of unplanned idle time and better understand best practices and resources available to you during a critical time. For many essential businesses today, unplanned downtime is a risk that you cannot afford.

Learn more about how you can optimize total cost of ownership, increase safety, ensure reliability and create more value for your businesses moving forward. Learning objectives:

  1. Why Maintenance Matters?
  2. How simple best practices can make a big impact
  3. NFPA 70E Six steps of compliance (Step 4)
  4. Reliability Centered Maintenance plan (IEEE P3006-3)
  5. Be prepared, mitigate risk with spare parts
  6. Common customer pain points and solutions available today
  7. New normal response plan – We are in this together.