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On-Demand: Enabling Change Sustainable and Resilient Airports of Tomorrow

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The unprecedented times shook the aviation industry to its core. As the entire industry came to a standstill with lockdowns and restrictions all over the world, it is important to reflect and learn from these experiences so that the blow that was dealt never happens again.

There is a need for the aviation industry to transform into a constructive model that stands the test of time and also extraordinary circumstances while being sustainable in its functions.

The new age of aviation is upon us. As the world is looking for solutions to the problems of the planet like climate change and global warming as a whole, it sparks a unique opportunity for aviation to restructure its infrastructure to become a model for resiliency and sustainability.

Aviation’s role in this is pivotal to transforming the entire industry into one that acts as a pillar for a more sustainable planet. Decarbonising aviation will be a challenge that the industry has to take as a priority for future generation’s sake to make an actual difference in the current situation of the world. Another challenge that recent times have revealed is the fact that extraordinary times don’t ring the bell and can occur at a moments notice. Airport infrastructure must have the resiliency to anticipate and survive in these unprecedented times.