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Innovation Talk Webinar: Everyday Extraordinary Healthcare – Resilient

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The Healthcare of today is constantly evolving and so are the challenges that they inadvertently must face. This goes without saying that healthcare infrastructure needs to be able to cope with the rising demands and needs of healthcare services. They must stand resilient against the extraordinary circumstances thrown at them and still be able to deliver the best in the continuum of healthcare seamlessly.

Challenges range from national or local disruptions to pandemics with substantial global impact, such as the unprecedented times of today. These incidents not only resulted in a substantial loss of life but also in severe impediments to the functioning of the health systems in the affected countries.

Healthcare’s inability to cope with extraordinary circumstances and events is a stark reminder of the need for resilient healthcare infrastructure. Healthcare functions are vulnerable to shocks and changes; if a health system is unable to withstand the pressure from a shock, it may cease to function or collapse.

The webinar was aimed to introduce and reinforce the concept of a more resilient and sustainable healthcare infrastructure with the goal of strengthening health systems to avoid disruption or collapse in the case of unprecedented times.