Schneider Electric

Increase Productivity with Single Phase UPS

APC by Schneider Electric’s Single Phase UPS is engineered to maintain business continuity and increase productivity. Through its Redundant Intelligent Modules, critical communication paths to the UPS functions are well established. The complete reliability and maximized efficiency come with the approval of leading standards in the Industry. With Extra Run-time as an imminent feature to increase battery life, add any scalable run-times easily as per changing requirements.

Ease of Access and simple maintenance routines that are user friendly ensure dynamic functionality in the equipment. Compatibility with equipment that has different plug types, varying frequencies and generators make the Single Phase UPS an all-inclusive solution for power management.

Key Features
  • Audible Alarms provide precise notifications
  • Automatic Self-test serve insights on Battery life
  • Remote Accessibility improves time management
  • Manageable external batteries reduce preventative maintenance