Schneider Electric

Buildings of the future: Smart to Autonomous

A webinar by Schneider Electric and Microsoft

Today, businesses around the world are impacted by a crisis forcing them to reimagine their priorities towards business continuity, employee health, and well-being. While reduced staff and lower operating budgets are at the forefront of these demanding adjustments, challenges with building management are left to ensure efficient maintenance of its operations within guidelines set by governing officials. In this scenario, some of the key challenges that building management must overcome are
  • Optimizing operational efficiency without compromising occupant comfort
  • Preventive checks on assets with digital tools
  • Predictive maintenance of assets nearing a breakdown
  • Safeguarding the premise from cybersecurity threats
  • Ensuring occupant wellness
In times like these, when co-existence of safety and efficiency has become more important than ever, managers must adapt to new building management tools that increase remote service capabilities for operational efficiency. Enabling teams with insights on how to safely navigate these challenges is our webinar on ‘Buildings Of The Future: Smart To Autonomous’.

Join industry experts

Anil Chaudhry
Managing Director and Zone President, Greater India, Schneider Electric

Anant Maheshwari
President, Microsoft India

Date: 7th July 2020
Time: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM