Businesses come in all shapes and sizes.
So should data centres.

What will you decide the next time you deploy new power , cooling infrastructure  or a new data centre? One option may be convert an existing room or construct an extension to house the new equipment.

But now there's a way to design, build or expand
your existing data centre without the hassle.
Schneider Electric™ customisable, prefabricated
power, cooling, IT and an all-in-one data centre are
factory tested and pre-engineered with integrated
hardware and software, they arrive on-site ready
to be deployed quickly and easily.

The modules can be deployed in various configurations
of density and availability. Easily adjustable
"plug and play" modules at your data centre site.

By deploying only what’s needed, you can reduce
upfront CapEx and add as your business grows.
Thanks to fewer planning and design decisions,
your data centre is ready faster than ever.

See if a prefabricated solution is right for your application.

Download our FREE guide on  prefabricated data centre solution !

Prefabricated data centre solutions simplify your entire project experience.

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