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On demand: Episode 2: The Importance of Industrial Cybersecurity for Water & Wastewater Works & Networks


Water & Wastewater utilities are at a particular disadvantage with a plethora of distributed assets that need to be monitored and controlled. With the rapid transformation of technology, it’s imperative to assess how it can be useful for varied industries and how it can help in securing the system of water consumption and preservation.

Water security is a major issue that needs to be addressed on a priority basis. This panel discussion will delve into the importance of water utilities adopting a comprehensive security program and steps you should take to protect your Water & Wastewater network?

1. The need for cyber security controls, appropriate control system policies and procedures
2. Continuous monitoring and improvement process for risk mitigation

3. The role of SCADA & Telemetry networks in Water security Systems
4. Protecting industrial endpoints that matter the most- Distributed Control Systems (DCSs), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Safety Instrumented Systems (SISs), Advanced Programmable Controllers (APCs), Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs),
5. The importance of incident response and disaster recovery planning
6. Predictive Maintenance