Schneider Electric

Innovation Talk: Cloud Hosted Power Monitoring

Managing a complex facility with critical power assets and high-energy consumption is challenging. The good news is you don’t have to!
With a cloud-based power management platform from Schneider Electric, you can enjoy the benefits of a power and energy management system without spending time or labor costs to do it.

  • Maximize energy efficiency and cost savings, and improve facility up-time and reliability

  • Find damaging, hidden power quality issues that are costing you money

  • Track power consumption, uncover savings opportunities and accurately allocate costs

  • Find new ways to extend equipment performance and life span

  • Enable compliance with power quality and energy standards

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Mauricio Gonzalez, Solution Architect, Digital Power, Schneider Electric

Matthew Puscus, Solution Architect, Digital Power, Schneider Electric

Jesus Vargas, Offer Manager, Digital Power, Schneider Electric